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Whoah. Take a second to let this sink in. You are here because you are planning your wedding!!! What an exciting time! I am so happy for you.
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It's the start of a new adventure with the love of your life by your side, everyday, every hour. You two become one and will be together until you're old and gray. What a true blessing! 

Investing in a photographer or videographer for your wedding is an INVESTMENT.  It might be hard to spend the money, but let me remind you - your wedding photos and film are a keepsake. A capsule that holds all your memories, tears and excitement on your wedding day. Every year you will have these images and videos to relive the moments you will never experience again. 

Capturing moments that captivate your heart.

the wedding experience


Whats included...

All wedding packages are personalized for your intimate day. Each package includes digital images delivered via online. you will also receive a photo print release.

Depending on which package you choose, you will have a complimentary  Engagement session!

Wedding Photography

wedding videography

Wedding Packages & Pricing

Elopement packages start at $1,500. Please send me an email and we can create a custom estimate for your special day!

 $700-$2,800 (+) 

WEdding Investments range from:  

$800-$3,500 (+) 

WEdding Investments range from:  

Whats included...

All wedding packages are personalized for your intimate day. Each package includes a master video & a highlight video that will be posted on social media.

additional audio may be added to your packages,  like speeches, toasts,  vows, prayers, ect


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So you love what I have to offer, but don't know what to do next. Don't you worry, I got you covered.
 I'm here to lighten your load, but  in order for me to do that, you will have to contact me via email. 

Fill out my quick contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
 The sooner you talk to me,- the sooner I can reserve your date on my calendar. (Yay!!)

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Once I receive your email,  I will get back to you and let you know if your wedding date is available on my calendar. If it is- Good News! You get to save your date on my calendar with a retainer fee. 

A retained is a non refundable deposit. It will be subtracted from your wedding package! 

Save the date with a retainer


This is my favorite part leading up to your wedding day. We set a date to meet and go over wedding details and contracts. I learn about you, your fiancé, and your vision for your wedding day. This is the part where we become best friends! 

set up a wedding consultation


We're best friends now, so it's expected that you message me and keep me in the loop. Need help with your wedding timeline? I got you. Want to share your Pinterest board with me? Please do. Want a last minute gathering to calm your nerves? Call me up. 
I'm here to make your day go smooth and stress free. Making you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day is my main goal. 

my emails are always open.


WE MADE IT!! Its your wedding day! After months of planning for this day, it's here. 
I'll be your hand holding, tear wiping, bobby pinning, makeup fixing, and bag holding side kick. I won't leave your side on your wedding day & I'll make sure to capture the sweet moments along the way. 

it's your wedding day!

- Olivia s.

"Alysa is very professional, organized, and super sweet! You can tell she’s passionate about photography and enjoys capturing the special moments! She took my wedding photos and I’ve only seen a sneak peek so far of a few pictures, but I can tell I’m going to love all of them. I definitely recommend Alysa Jean Studios for any milestone/event in your life as she will exceed your expectations, like she did mine!"

-Kasey C

"I HIGHLY recommend Alysa for anyone that needs a photographer/videographer! Alysa is the ABSOLUTE sweetest person and she is passionate for what she does. I am beyond excited for her to capture my wedding day. She is amazing to work with and she is great at communicating and helping your photo visions come to life! If you are looking for someone to do a mini session to a big milestone event in your life Alysa is your girl and she will exceed your expectations!


"I am so incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Alysa! Things were last minute but as well planned out as I could! Communication was 1000% from any ideas I had to hers. My elopement couldn’t have gone any better! I had asked for a photo to be put together (based off of Pinterest and a giant board I had put together!) and the outcome was better than I had imagined! After our session I immediately began dreaming up future sessions to book with Alysa, she’s simply amazing and realistic with her timelines so you won’t be disappointed!"

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i can't wait to hear from you. 
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