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I am a small town Wisconsin wedding photographer, videographer and creative with some big dreams. I chase after sunsets and love stories. I live off good times and fun adventures. And I seek to capture your effortless laughs, true love of life, and raw emotions. 

I'll be your hand holding, tear wiping, bobby pinning, makeup fixing, and bag holding hype gal. I won't leave your side on your wedding day & I'll make sure to capture every  sweet moment along the way. 

Like Blue Jeans, Apple Pie, & Saturday Morning Cartoons. I am the real deal. 
My work tells stories. The stories that take your breath away, and the moments that are gone too soon. I capture real stories of real people. 

a wisconsin based photographer, videographer and content creator!

Alysa Jean sales 

 this is how it happened.

It all started back in 2010, on my first missions trip. The first time I ever left my family, the first time out of state (wisconsin), my first road trip and my first camera. 

From 2010 - 2021.

In 2015. I was hooked on photography and was excited to start my side hussle as a senior in high school! Little did i know my photography side hussle would let me graduation from college debt free in 2018.  

Fast forward to 2020 - During a pandemic- I quit my full time job to pursue my passion of becoming a full time business owner. 
I am so thankful for this opportunity to follow and accomplish my dreams and it is something I will never take for granted. 





Traveling to all 50 states in my lifetime is on my Bucket-list. 

So if you every ask me to travel for an elopement my answer will ALWAYS be YES. Hands down. Yes. I will travel anywhere. 

Places I've traveled to:  CA, CO, FL, IA, IL, IN,  MI, MO, MN, NE, NY, NC, OH, TX,  VA, and WV.

Next Stop --->  MT.

**Hopefully I can add more to that list soon!** ;)

I love traveling

What's that you ask? It's an entrepreneur that has multiple passions. I'm not only and a wedding photographer and videographer- I am an artist, storyteller, speaker and passionate about building faith based businesses.
I love telling your story through the images and films I create. I thrive on helping others achieve their business goals and dreams, by creating websites and youtube channels. I enjoy sharing my story and speaking to those who need a little "soul food" in their life. My goal in my business is to shine the light of the Lord in all that I do, and to give all the Glory to God in the process. 

i'm a multi- passionate entrepreneur 

When I'm not working, you can find me reading a good book or working on business numbers in my office. 
Give me all the business talks, contracts,  numbers and percentages. I enjoy it all! 

However, It wasn't always like that. I hated Math in High School (Sorry, Mrs. V), but once I graduated and started my own business I realized how important numbers are and it started to become an obsession. 

Not an obsession with money, no. An obsession with how to market my company on social media. I love seeing the number of reactions and engagements in my post. Those are the numbers I obsess with because I know I can help someone else in their business succeed. 

I'm a business nerd

I got married to my best friend in the fall of 2019. Ben and I met in Driving School in 2013, and didn't start dating until 2016. Ben has been my biggest supporter- he joins me at weddings and helps me make my crafts. He's the best.
We rescued our cat, Goober in 2020. FUN FACT: I've never been a cat person. Cats freaked me out (they still do), but for some reason, Goober stole my heart from the moment I saw his picture on my phone. From there, Goober has been my business partner since 2020- keeping me company, and sleeping on all my office work like he owns the place.  Goobs is fat and happy, and we love it! 

I'm a wife and cat Mama!